Interdisciplinary Focus

MSc in Sustainable Energy Development

Where bold thinking energizes change.

SEDV is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive graduate program with a cross section of courses providing a holistic approach to energy and environmental management. Comprised of courses centered around energy foundations, environmental engineering, environmental and social sustainability, and economic and commerce sustainability, the SEDV curriculum delivers a degree that fulfills the need for students wishing to move from a technical foundation provided in an engineering, geology, environmental and/or social undergraduate degree to a truly interdisciplinary professional practice focused on leadership.

We prepare graduates for senior roles in energy, with a focus on the science of energy systems, and practical experience in conventional and novel project development, including fossil fuels, the transition to lower carbon sources of energy, demand-side management, energy efficiency, renewables and offsets. Graduates from the SEDV program understand the theory and have acquired skills in understanding the impacts of energy development on the environment, Indigenous Peoples, communities and the economy.


Academic Curriculum

The program's courses reflect all facets of the sustainable energy industry


Capstone Projects

A research project to integrate and apply the concepts learned throughout their program


SEDV Faculty

The program's curriculum is delivered by highly qualified and recognized experts from the associated faculties/schools.


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